Terms of use


This document establishes the Terms of Use of ideam.es, property of IDEAM S.A. (from now on, “IDEAM”), and its relation with the User. The reading, understanding and agreement with this Terms of Use is required to access and use the web.

IDEAM brings the Users this Terms of Use, so they can be read, stored and reproduced, thus fulfilling the prior information requirement (“deber de información previa”) as per the spanish LSSICE Law 34/2002 of Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (“Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y Comercio Electrónico”). This Terms of Use will be effective and valid for as long as they remain accessible in this web.

IDEAM reserves its right to modify, for justified purposes such as the fulfillment of the current law, technology evolution or changes in the service, the terms and clauses of this Terms of Use. Such changes will be effective from the moment they are published in ideam.es, and IDEAM will consider that they have been read, understood and agreed by the User if he/she hasn’t expressed its disagreement 15 days after the publication of the changes.

Ownership and purpose

In accordance to the 10th article of the Spanish LSSICE Law 34/2002 of july the 11th, of Information Society Services and Electronic Commerce (“Servicios de la Sociedad de la Información y Comercio Electrónico”), the identificative information of IDEAM follows:

  • Legal name: IDEAM S.A.
  • NIF: A28027183
  • Address: Jorge Juan, 19 - 3º. Madrid
  • Phone: +34 914 358 084
  • Email: general@ideam.es

IDEAM S.A. is registered in the spanish merchant registry (“registro mercantil”) (tomo 2487, folio 14, hoja 43485-M). The purpose of ideam.es is to provide access through the Internet to information about the company, its activity, projects done, publications and other useful information for visitors and IDEAM clients.


IDEAM reserves its right to update, modify or remove the information on its web pages, and is able even to limit or deny the access to that information to certain users.

IDEAM does not acquires any responsibility on behalf the information contained in web pages from other companies or individuals that can be accessed via links present in pages property of IDEAM. Links on IDEAM’s web pages are placed merely for informative purposes and do not represent a suggestion, invitation or recommendation about them.

IDEAM makes its best to guarantee the best possible service of the web and the absence of viruses or other malware, but can’t guarantee a perfect and continuous service when the web stops working due to force majeure or technical issues.

Intellectual and industrial property

The intellectual rights of the contents in ideam.es, its graphic design and source codes are property of IDEAM, and its reproduction, distribution, public communication, transformation or any other activity is prohibited, even if the sources are mentioned, except when there is a consent written by IDEAM.

The articles and documents in the section “Publications” deserve special mention; they’re equally protected by the intellectual property laws and cannot be reproduced nor used in any other way than its online reading, except when there is a consent written by IDEAM.

The IDEAM logo is property of IDEAM and cannot be reproduced nor used in any other way without a consent written by IDEAM.

SGS and other logos that appear on ideam.es are property of its respective companies.

Personal data protection

In accordance to the spanish Organic Law of Personal Data Protection, Organic Law 15/1999 of december the 13th (“Ley Orgánica de Protección de Datos de Carácter Personal de España; Ley Orgánica 15/1999 de 13 de diciembre, LOPD”), IDEAM states this Terms of Use and informs the User that all the information collected by IDEAM via the contact forms, email addresses and any other tools in ideam.es are stored on the File named “IDEAM”, property of IDEAM S.A. with spanish company identification number (CIF) A28027183, and address Jorge Juan, 19 - 3º. 28001, Madrid. Ideam.es stores cookies on the User’s terminal as a technical requirement for the web to work correctly. These cookies are used to store the personal preferences of the User such as the language in which he/she decides to read the web.

Ideam.es uses Google Analytics to get statistical information about, amongst others, received visits, page views and sections visited. Ideam.es also uses Google Maps to show interactive location information to the User. Google can store additional cookie on its behalf with the sole purpose of providing this very same functions.

IDEAM uses this collected information with the sole purpose of providing the best possible service, and to contact the Users who have requested information via email, phone or by filling the contact forms on the web; for example, to send their résumé.

IDEAM does not transfers nor sells this information to third parties without the specific consent of the User.

The user can exert its cancellation, modification, access or rectification rights by contacting IDEAM via email to general@ideam.es or via phone at (+34)914358084.

IDEAM is technically capable of protecting the personal information stored on the File, and will keep its technical resources updated and working in order to provide the best possible safety. Nevertheless, IDEAM cannot guarantee the loss of this data due to force majeure, disasters or extremely unlikely technical incidences; in such cases, IDEAM does not holds any responsibility about that loses.

The technological resources on which ideam.es is based, its files and databases are provided by the internet service company “one.com” (http://www.one.com).

Applicable legislation and competent court

The relations between IDEAM and the Users of its telematic services, as in this web, are subject to the Spanish legislation and jurisdiction.

The User is informed and agrees that the mere access to this web does not means in any way the establishment of a commercial relation with IDEAM.