Valdebebas’ arch bridge

The placement on site of the last segment of the steel deck of the central section of the new outstanding Arch Bridge of Valdebebas concludes.

The steel deck of the central section is about 130 m long, 24.5 m wide and 968 t. of weight, and the steel arch weighs about 387 t.

At present, prefabricated precast slabs have been placed in the deck in a width of 12.90 m and work continues to place the steel tubes in situ that will materialize the double Diagrid that will link the deck with the arch, and that will make the bridge of Valdebebas a unique bridge in its typology.

The new arch bridge of Valdebebas will connect the Terminal T-4 of the Barajas-Madrid airport with Valdebebas crossing over the M-12, with a main span of 162 m and a total length of 207 m.

IDEAM, S.A. is the author of the structural conception of the detailed design and is carrying out the Construction Management for Junta de Compensación Parque de Valdebebas and Ferrovial is the constructor.